Athens Colorectal Laboratory LTD was created in 1996 by proctologist surgeon Apostolos Stamatiadis and since then it has been dealing exclusively with diagnostic assessment and treatment of anal disorders. The 30-year experience of Dr Apostolos Stamatiadis combined with all essential diagnostic techniques readily available in our facilities, ensure quick diagnosis and effective treatment of anal disorders.3d endoanal ultrasound (used in the assessment of perianal abscesses and fistulas, incontinence, sphincters control and anal tumors) and High Resolution Anoscopy for investigation of HPV induced diseases (warts, dysplasias and anal cancer screening in high risk groups) are performed exclusively in Greece and SE Europe.

  • Through our meticulous diagnostic assessment, we are often able to guide our colleagues in the effective treatment of their patients with anal disorders.
  • A substantial percentage of our patient cases are refractory or recurrent disease or complications after primary treatment in other facilities.

Any medical recommendation or treatment (surgical or conservative) is provided and completed after exhaustive diagnostic assessment. For this reason, we request from the patient to endure any inconvenience caused by meticulous diagnostic procedures. Medical advice given in our clinic is absolutely sincere. There is no intention of financial gain or any possible surgery. Most often simple procedures are completed instantly in our clinic without any hospital admission.

  • We do not advertise any new techniques and medical devices inorder to attract patients.
  • We do not use the new and untested surgical techniques as an advertising banner just for financial interest. We are always open to medical innovations but dealing with them thoughtfully. We embrace new methods after they have been established in medical centers abroad. A lot of miraculous techniques often end up as failures and getting discontinued after a short period.
  • The provided treatments are perfectly in agreement with international guidelines and are being provided also in National Health Systems of USA, United Kingdom or France.
  • Our objective is complete treatment of anal diseases in its simplest and most effective way, avoiding unnecessary anesthesia or surgical procedures which may be occasionally advertised as painless.
  • We often make short-term trips abroad to various scientific conferences, inorder to enrich our constant scientific education and to exchange opinions with foreign scientists.

We participate and encourage the training of young medical surgeons interested in proctology. We participate in lectures and round tables in Greek and International proctological meetings. Greek medical community’s continuing trust to our medical services is our highest honor.

Our nursing staff and our clinic’s secretariat are very competent and well trained to deal with our proctological patients.

The experience, the specialization, the respect for personal data and the extreme responsibility are the permanent constants of “Athens Colorectal Laboratory LTD’s” staff.