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Mr. Apostolos Stamatiadis, colorectal surgeon was born in Istanbul  in 1958. In 1976 he graduated from the secondary school in Athens and was enrolled after entrance exams at the Medical school of the University of Athens. He graduated from the Medical School in July 1982 with “Excellent” grade. From November 1982 until November 1983 he worked at the community health center of Lafka, Korinthia for the fulfillment of the compulsory rural service.

In January 1984 he began his medical specialty of “General Surgery” in the surgical clinic of the Aigio General Hospital. He finally completed his specialty at the 1st Propaedeutic Surgical Clinic of the University of Athens in Hippokration Hospital, under the direct supervision of Professor Vas. Golematis. He received the specialty title in April 1989.

In 1987, he attended for approximately one month the scientific activities of the «Centre de la Chirurgie Digestive» at St. Antoine Hospital in Paris, under the direction of Professor R. Parc. In June 1989 the University of Athens approved his doctoral thesis on “The value of the acute-phase lymphocytes in the diagnosis and staging of colorectal cancer“.

He worked as a clinical and laboratory associate at the Surgical clinic of the Lund University, under the direct supervision of Professor S. Bengmark, from 1 September 1989 to 26 January 1990, as a grant-holder of the Kondoleon Foundation of the University of Athens. He also worked as a clinical and laboratory associate at the Surgical Clinic of the Heidelberg University of Germany under the direction of Professor Chr. Herfarth from 1 February 1990 to 31 July 1990.

On the margins of the 17th Panhellenic Congress of Surgery in November 1990, a published article in the scientific journal “Cancer” under the title “Value of serum acute-phase reactant proteins in the preoperative staging of large intestinal cancers”, by A. Stamatiadis, M. Toumavidou, Gr. Vissouli, A. Manoura and N. Apostolidis, was awarded the prize of professor Petros Kokkalis (6.000 euros), half with two other scientific studies.

From October 1991 to January 2000, he participated in the surgeries, the clinical work and the education of the fourth-year and sixth-year students of the School of Medicine as an associate of the 5th Surgical clinic of the University of Athens (Eugenidion Hospital) (Professor M. Filippakis, Associate Professor V. Pararas and Associate Professor Eu. Kourias).

During the period of 17 January and 14 March 1994, he took part in the Intensive Lecture Courses in Coloproctology, at the St Mark’s hospital of London.

On the margins of the 18th Panhellenic Congress of Gastroenterology, in Athens, 25-28 November 1998, the oral presentation on “Laboratory Diagnostic Approach to Anal Incontinence” by A. Stamatiadis, G. Polymenea and E. Kourias, won the award of the best posted congress presentation.

He exercised in trans-anal endoscopic microsurgery (TES) in experimental stage and then in many surgical operations on patients at the University of Munich, Germany in March 2000, and the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland, London in April 2000. In June 2002 he practiced in “Longo” surgical, painless treatment for hemorrhoids. In December 2003 he participated in the projects of the Coloproctology Clinic of the “Leopold Bellan” Hospital in Paris.

His scientific publications include 23 in Greek journals, 90 presentations in Greek congresses, 20 publications in foreign journals, 24 presentations in international congresses, and 20 oral talks in Greek congresses as an invited speaker. In 1989, a monograph was published focused on «The Early Reoperations in the Abdomen Surgery” by N. Apostolidis and A. Stamatiadis (Eptalofos, Athens), and in 1996 the book of A. Stamatiadis, A. Manouras and N. Apostolidis on “Surgical Parasitology ” (Eptalofos, Athens).

Mr. Apostolos Stamatiadis specializes in the anorectal diseases and he is the founder of the “Athens Colorectal Laboratory” (modern diagnostic techniques such as the 3D endoanal ultrasound examination and the anal manometry, functional diseases of the anorectal canal, surgical and conservative treatment methods). Recently, he focuses on the effects of the anal HPV infection (High Grade Anal Intraepithelial Neoplasia-HGAIN and anal cancer).

Between 25 to 29 April 2012, he took part in ASCCP’s Colposcopy and High Resolution Anoscopy training courses for the early diagnosis of premalignant anal diseases caused by HPV virus in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Also, in November 2016 he participated in the IANS advanced course for the practice of high-resolution anoscopy in San Francisco focusing on anal cancer prevention in high-risk groups. 

He speaks fluent English, French, German and Turkish.